Benefits of Window Shelves

A window shelf provides you with the simplest way to dress up a window. You are free to hang as many window shelves as you can as long as your window is framed & trimmed with wood or recessed into a plain, finished drywall opening with no trim. In case your windows are framed with aluminum or vinyl, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer about whether you can drill into the frame to mount the shelves without voiding the warranty. In this page, we walk you through the top 4 benefits of having a window shelf from

1. Lets You Display Your Personality

A window shelf enables you to put your personality on display. With a variety of window shelf designs available on the market, the options can be overwhelming, but you can simply narrow down your choices by taking into the consideration the space available in your room, color scheme used in the room, etc.

Once you install the window shelve that complements your room, you can use it to share items that represent your interests & hobbies. Take your time to group the items together and you shouldn’t be afraid to mix the items with different height & shapes in order to create an attractive presentation.

2. Acts As A Bright Storage Solution

Bring order to your house with a window shelf. A sturdy window shelf that can stand up to movements is able to hold different things and you’ll be able to place them in an area that’s easily accessible. These include boxes & baskets with your kid’s toys & games, utensils, etc. This helps free up some space for your furniture, kitchen & movement.

3. Allows You to Add Plants & Privacy

Are you living in a small home with limited space? Then you must be in need of more room for your growing sun-loving house flowers, plants herbs. We recommend that you install a window shelf, which provides not only a beautiful view, but also a better way to grow your flowers, plants herbs indoors, letting them lead happy green lives. Most window shelves easily adjust to fit a wide range of flower, plant & herbs heights. Also, if you’re in need of more privacy for one of your windows, “a window shelf loaded with plants” may be a perfect option.

4. Perfect for Cats

If you would like your cats to enjoy the sunshine, then you can simply install a shelf. Cat window shelves provide a comfortable large surface for your cat to rest while she enjoys a great view of the outdoor world. The cat gets a great vintage point of the outside world and this helps reduce boredom.


Overall, a window shelf provides excellent design, organization & functions to almost any room. It also makes indoor gardening easier than ever, lets you enhance privacy, provides hidden storage space, etc. So what are you waiting for? Install a window shelf today.

Note: To get the most out of your window shelf, you need to determine how it will be used as well as where it will be located. As soon as you’ve answered those two questions, you can start looking for the perfect window shelf to decorate & display your items.