The gloves you need to use

Working with acids, chemicals, and hazardous substances can be dangerous if you are not using a good pair of gloves. Gloves are the most important part of your safety when dealing with dangerous chemicals. So why not get a good pair of gloves which protects you and also protects itself from breaking. Most of the cheap gloves out in the market break easily while working and can cause serious damage. You will able to buy a protective pair of powder free latex gloves only if you have good knowledge about them.

What Gloves are best for protection?

There are a bunch of good and protective gloves available in the market, but the best of them are the Latex Gloves. Latex Gloves are powder-free, meaning they don’t have toxic reactions on the skin. Powdered gloves cause scar formation, granuloma, and many other harmful skin diseases, and that is why FDA has banned powdered gloves. Latex Gloves are powder free and don’t have any side effects.

Why do you have to get powder free Latex Gloves?

As mentioned above, powder free Latex Gloves are the most protective ones and they do not break easily. If we hit a Nitrile Glove and a Latex Glove with a needle, we put them on and see what happens. The Nitrile Glove breaks while trying to put it on, on the other side the Latex Glove doesn’t break. This proves that Latex Gloves are far better than the other ones.

Runner Ups

If somehow you can’t get access to powder-free Latex Gloves, you can also take a look at these. Listed below are the best gloves after the protection king Latex Gloves.

1.  Vinyl

Vinyl made gloves are high protective gloves used for general chemist and medical work.

2.  Vytrile

Vytrile gloves are high protective gloves. These types of gloves are mainly used for vaccinations and first-aid work.

3.  Nitrile

Nitrile gloves come third on this list. The reason we put them on the third number is they are the most protective ones but they sometimes get you an infection or can break. These types of gloves are mainly used for home infusion, Chemotherapy, Compounding and handling drug-related issues.

What Gloves should you choose for your pharmacy?

If you are a Pharmacist and need to buy a pair of gloves. You can buy Nitrile Gloves, Latex Gloves, Vinyl Gloves and Vytrile Gloves. You should consider the following steps while buying them.

1. What do you need to know before buying gloves for pharmacy?

Remember the following things before you buy a pair of protective gloves

2. Choose the glove that fits you

Choose the pair which fits you the best. Before buying them, put them on and check if they are not too loose or too tight. Buying the best fit will help you a lot in the future.

3. Don’t buy a powdered one

Don’t buy powdered gloves, they may be easy to put on but can get you a serious skin infection.

4. Choose the right medical gloves

If you want gloves for medical purposes, then you should look for the “exam” or “examination” label on them. The gloves labeled with one of these has passed all the security tested made by FDA.

It is highly recommended a glove from the list mentioned above. Because these are the most known gloves for their good protection.


If you are a pharmacist, a chemist or with a profession which deals with hazardous chemical substances, working without gloves or even with unprotected gloves is not a good idea. You should be clever and attentive while choosing the right gloves for your work. Keep in mind all of the info we gave you and apply it while buying a pair of protectors for your own good.