Tips on coping with addiction

1.Reduces on family conflicts

Family is build on love, trust,honesty among other virtues and leading a sober life helps on that where after work you share life experiences and encounters and help solve life challenges. Using drugs reduces family time, no reasonable chats on life can be there anymore. Parents become irresponsible if both are using drugs, their children suffer as a result. If one parent is the sober one and the other is not responsibilities become too much for one parent to bear which sometimes leads to divorce. Drugs also reveals the worst in a person where instead of dealing with stress in the reasonable way results to violence among family members which completely destroys once what was called a perfect couple or a happy family.

2.Sober people live healthy lives.

Sober people are safe from diseases resulting from use of drugs like brain damage, liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, ulcers among many more. Sober people can also check their diet and pay attention to basic health procedures like physical exercises and visiting a doctor whenever they fill ill something people without a sober mind don’t really pay attention to they think the answer to everything is drugs and some of this poor choices they make can result to fatal consequences like realising the spread of diseases like cancer when its already too late. We recommend you go forĀ Women’s Alcohol Treatment if alcohol is the issue.

3.Sober people live accountable, reliable and responsible

Being sober helps you see reality as it is and with that you can account for any decision you make and thus people can rely on you because the life you lead is a responsible one where your focus is not divided and you are locked in everything you do. Drugs keeps you high your focus becomes unpredictable ,your judgement becomes clouded and you cannot be accountable, people lose trust in you and don’t depend on you to work or do anything for them anymore they lose trust in you and in the process even you end up not trusting yourself anymore and may result to you leading a very irresponsible life.

4.Sober people have the courage to face life.

Life is not a crystal stair its full of challenges and requires intelligence and courage to face it. Escaping challenges however does not fix any of challenges like what people who use drugs may tend to think, it just offers a moment to escape reality but at the end of the day you have to face those challenges no matter how long you postpone it. Sober people are able to put efforts and pull themselves together and defeat the challenge right in front of them while those that are not sober destroy themselves trying to escape challenges.

5.Sober people are more productive.

Sober people greatly contribute to their work and sectors they are assigned to and this leads to great production. They use their income responsibly by creating opportunities that make more income and even saves some for their future while those that choose not being sober squander their money buying expensive drugs, on treatment sometimes and other times on rehab reducing their production.

6.Sober life leads to leading a clean Iife.

Sober living enables you to live a good life with good moral values where people don’t take advantage of you unlike unsober people who are oftenly taken advantage of by people like conmen,rapist,kidnappers due to their vulnerable situations. Also drugs are addictive leading to life of enslavement by them. Drug businesses are also dangerous as most drugs are against the laws and have to be smuggled putting you in harms ways. Drug traffickers are also dangerous and can put your life at risk and the money got out of drugs is dirty money or even blood money thus being sober is good for a clean living.