Treatment For Excessive Sweating

We all know the embarrassing moment when one has his or her cloth soaked with sweat. The situation is undesirable, and it ruins social interactions. Well, excessive sweating is a disorder, and like any other disease, it can treat it. They also refer the condition to hyperhidrosis. You do not have through another unhappy moment when you can reverse the situation to normal. The disease can be mild or severe, and this would determine the treatment you will get.

Options for Excessive Sweating Treatments

There are different approaches to treating excessive sweating which depends on the severity of the condition. Below are four are seven ways of handling this disease.

Use of antiperspirants

A patient suffering from excessive sweating can get antiperspirant from the pharmacist. They prefer the drug-containing aluminum chloride for its effectiveness than other antiperspirants. The drug is suitable for mild cases, and the patients can try at home, or you could check out the best options for excessive sweating treatment in Melbourne. Whenever this fails, a doctor would recommend to you improved antiperspirants which contain aluminum chloride hexahydrate. Using the drug is easy and involves a regular application of the drug at the affected area before you go to bed at night. You would repeat it for ten consecutive nights and after that once a week as to act as maintenance for the condition. The treatment reduces sweating over time until the situation becomes normal. According to the statistic, this medication works best for a patient with the underarm sweating condition.

Use of oral medicines

Unlike antiperspirants, you can ingest oral medication such as glycopyrrolate to treat the disease. The drug is beneficial for most patients, however; the drugs have side effects such as insomnia, try mouth and vision impairment.

Use of Botox

This method of treatment may not be new to you as it can treat other diseases such as some types of a headache and muscle spasms. Botox can also treat wrinkles in the skin. The drug works by blocking the release of a chemical known as acetylcholine which facilitates the release of sweat. One can inject to the affected area and would remain active for six months. Food and Drug Agency has approved the method for treatment of excessive sweating. The shortcomings of the drug include pain when administering.

Lontophoresis method

Lontophoresis method uses a device which contacts the electric current through the water to the skin to prevent producing sweat. The process only takes about twenty minutes, and you can repeat up to three times a week. Repeat the process until it reverses the condition. The treatment is for soles and palms treatment.

Undergoing surgery

Plastic surgery may be your last option when all the other methods have failed. They do it to patients with a severe condition. The operation may involve cutting of sweat glands or the nerves in your armpits which activates sweating. The side effect of this method is a compensatory method where the other parts of the body would sweat.

You no longer have to allow excessive sweating to ruin your social life as the above method may become useful in the treatment of the condition. You only have to choose the best plan that you would feel would effectively deal with the disease.